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Wrewing Toothbrush Holder Multi-Function Wall-Mounted Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser And Dust-Proof Toothbrush Holder With 5 Brush Slots 4 Cups 2 Automatic Toothpaste Dispensers 1 Storage Slot (Blue)

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Product Description
  • The toothbrush holder contains: 1 toothbrush holder, no trace stickers, instructions, packaging box. The product has 5 toothbrush slots, 4 cups, 2 automatic toothpaste squeezer dispensers, 1 storage slot.

  • Multi-function bathroom toothbrush holder: a collection of toothpaste squeezer, mouthwash cup, toothbrush slot and storage compartment. With just one of our multi-function storage racks, you can solve the problem of a family's toiletries. toothbrush holder for shower

  • kids toothbrush holder: Our toothbrush holders are made of ABS material, safe and environmentally friendly, no odor, all the materials are top quality, you and your family can buy and use.

  • Wall toothbrush holder: The toothbrush slot has a dust cover, the cup is inverted, the toothbrush and cup are kept dry and ventilated, the toothpaste is separated from adults and children, and our toothpaste squeezer uses a vacuum principle to gently push out the toothpaste. It is clean and hygienic. Save the toothpaste.

  • 5 toothbrush holders: easy to install, use and clean: great product, very practical, very suitable for bathroom organized products, simple bathroom gadgets, make life easier, buy your family as a gift, very suitable for children The bathroom is even suitable for young children, a powerful system! Make it easier and less messy in the morning! Cleaner bathroom! Great toothbrush holder for bathroom and teeth

  • Color : Blue

Color:Blue Product Features Product size: 4.68x7.62 inch Four cups, divided into 2 large cups and 2 small cups, children with small cups, should not worry that children can not catch the cup, a family of four and a cup. The groove can be placed in a compartment, such as a comb, a razor, an eyebrow pencil, a scraping eyebrow knife, etc., to facilitate the storage of small items, happy washing, and farewell to messy, start with our toothbrush storage rack! The magnetic inverted inverted suction cup, the water cup is inverted, the suspension is firm, the drain is permeable, safe and sanitary. With one-step disassembly, we take into account the convenience of cleaning, and design the most convenient disassembly method, which makes it easier to disassemble and clean, saving time and effort. Ingenious details, with a good-looking skin and interesting soul, the toothpaste outlet is electroplated, the color is bright, the cup is treated with fine sanding, it is not easy to slip off the hand, the drain hole is designed, the water is not dry, safe and hygienic. Installation steps 1. Wipe the wall clean, 2. Peel the protective film behind the non-marking paste, 3.Stick to the wall, discharge the air,4. Install the toothbrush holder on the non-marking paste,5. Install the toothpaste on the top In the hole position,6. Squeeze the toothpaste tube to discharge the air, 7. Place the toothbrush cup and the item, 8. Push the 3-5 times for the first time.


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